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MK Series PLC

MK Series PLC

Product Description

Kinco MK series combines the advantages of the M-IoT, and is an economicalall-in-one product that supports the M-IoT function launched by the Kinco Company.

The Kinco MK series all-in-one HMI-PLC retains the high cost performanceofthe Kinco HP series of all-in-one machines, but adopts a high-performanceCPUandthe new DTools software technology platform for programming the HMI, so as tosupportmore rich picture components and functions of the new software. In addition,combinedwith the Kinco M-IoT technology platform it provides remote download, passthroughPLC communication over the network, VNC remote monitoring, equipment managementandother advanced remote operation and maintenance functions. This will providemorevalue for our users.

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