Stepper system

Kinco stepper drives products serve the low-end market of motion control applications. Our stepper drivers are cost effective and easy to use. Kinco owns complete line of stepper drives including the new N series which features improved performance and enhanced functions.

N Series High Performance Digital Stepper Drivers

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N series digital stepper driver incorporate advanced stepper drive technology derived from servo driver technology platfrorn and Kinco's experience in stepper market. N series drivers can work with any 2-phase hybrid stepper motor with flange size from 86 to 130 mm and rated current below 8.0 A.

Traditional Series Stepper Drivers

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Kinco classic series stepper drivers have a long reputation of reliable quality and performance, suitable for most 2-phase hybrid motors with current below 6A and 3-phase hybrid motors with current below 5.8A.

Stepper Motor

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Kinco 2-phase and 3-phase hybrid stepper motors are made of high quality CRS(Cold Rolled Steel) and thermostability permanent magnet. The flange size of 2-phase series ranges from 42mm to 130mm, the 3-phase series are of 57mm and 85mm. Kinco stepper motors feature low temperature rise, high reliability and stability, which make Kinco stepper motors suitable for different industries under different ambient conditions.